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How To Avoid Points From Speeding Ticket by Taking Traffic School

How To Avoid Points From Speeding Ticket by Taking Traffic School

There are only two ways to avoid a point from a speeding ticket, your first option and less expensive option is to take traffic school or defensive driving course.
Second option is to get the ticket dismissed ( you'll most likely need a lawyer).

If it is your first traffic ticket, then you maybe be eligible to take an online traffic school or a defensive driving course, so you can avoid an insurance rate hike. Paying for traffic school is not only educational, it is also economical. 

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Let say you decided not to take traffic school after getting your first speeding ticket, you can expect to get an increase on your insurance rate premium for the next 2-3 years. Whereas traffic school cost a lot less.

Depending on the severity of the offense, hiring a lawyer maybe your only way out of jail or a huge fine and points on your license. Lawyer fees are not exactly cheap, but if you have the money and willing to pay for it.

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